Preparing to make your cake

Many people make the mistake of leaving everything to the last minute. You have to remember that with cake decorating, it requires time so plan in advance. Make sure that 4 weeks prior to the event that you go through your design and check what needs to be done in advance. Remember some decorations require time to dry. If you leave the decorations to the last minute it will cause you distress and your cake design will not have the final result you were anticipating.

Check your recipe and ingredients list and make sure you have everything. The last thing you want is to realize you don`t have enough fondant and perhaps forcing you to buy another brand that you are unfamiliar with.
Finally – Make sure you have all the tools required. Remember some tools might be out of stock or you may have to buy them from overseas. So make sure you have all this planned well in advance and we can guarantee you will have a pleasant experience and your cake will be the wow factor of the party.

The best way to be organized is to write down a check list. Have it all written down from the baking part until the final decoration process to ensure you won`t miss anything.

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