Designing a Cake


Are you afraid of designing a cake? Many cake decorators have this fear however the reality is that it isnt that difficult to create a beautiful cake. It all begins with a little inspiration. If you are creating a wedding cake the first place you should look for inspiration is from things such as the brides flowers, her invitation, bridesmaid dresses etc. If it`s an engagement or another special event, look into the invite and how the venue will be decorated. If there is an candy/dessert buffet where the cake will be displayed, remember to look into its theme. The last thing you want is for your cake to stand out on the table and look like it doesn’t belong amongst the other decorations.

Nowadays we have so many techniques that can be used on cakes that pretty much anything is possible. You can even recreated the exact same lace of a dress just by making your own mold, pipe an effect found on invitations or even add bling to a cake with beautiful edible beading or sequins which are so trendy at the moment.

To start design your cake design, drawing a base. For example if you wish to make a 3 tier round cake, draw a 3 tier base and from there you can start to add details. You don`t need to be a great artist. Simply use a basic sketch like the image below:


If you are designing a cake for someone else, make sure you know your clients likes and dislikes. Now that you have your base you can start by looking into your inspiration board.

On your inspiration board you can have images of the dress, bridesmaids dress, flowers, invites and pictures of how the reception will be decorated with the colour themes.

For example:

Ivory dress with embroidery lace/ pink flowers/ champagne bridesmaids dress

Design idea: You can make a dark ivory cake with a pearl luster finish or shimmer with a white embroidery piping effect, sugar pearls around it and finish with some pink/pastel pink and gold seeds flower arrangement.

Think of colours that will complement the theme. However you do not always need to use the exact colours.

Now it is time for you to be creative and always remember Less is More.

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