Ganaching a Double Barrel Cake

Ganaching A Double Barrel Cake

Many people struggle to ganache a double barrel. It can seem quite difficult at first due the size however the process is actually pretty straight forward. It is the same method as we show in our “how to ganache a cake” video tutorial with a few small changes. If you have never ganached a cake before ensure you watch our free tutorial as it will help you a lot. To start ganaching your cake you will need the following:

– Chocolate ganache and 2 cakes (3-3.5 inches height each cake)
– Syrup – (½ jam and ½ water)
– 3 cake boards all the same size. 1 of them with freezer film on it, 1 with a centre hole and one normal. If you are making a tiered cake and the double barrel isn`t the bottom tier, make sure to have a hole in the middle on both bottom boards
– Spatulas and scrappers
– Try square tool (longer one is best) and leveler
– Bread knife and a sharp knife
– Turntable




The Steps:


Step 1. Cut the edges of your cake to allow space for the ganache, ideally you want your ganache to be minimum of 0.5mm thickness.






Step 2. Mark your cake on the side and cut it into 3 layers.





Step 3. Start by sticking your cake on the board with some ganache. Brush your cake with syrup and add your cake filling. Continue the process until all 3 layers have been added.









Step 4. Let cake cool in the fridge for a few minutes for your filling to set before continuing.


Step 5. Add dowels to the cake (the amount of dowels will vary depending on your cake size). This is a 12 inches round cake and so we are adding 10 cake dowels as it will be the base for a 4 tier cake.





Step 6. Using your ganache, add the second cake board with the centre hole. Make sure it is leveled with the bottom board by using your try square tool. If your cake boards aren`t all the same size, you can use a cake board 1 inches smaller so you can achieve a better result with your ganache.







Step 7. Once board is added take the cake back to the fridge for 30 minutes to allow board to stick.


Step 8. Repeat the same procedure with the other cake by adding the 3 layers on top and filling, remembering to always brush with syrup.





Step 9. Add the last cake board with the freezer film. Align it with your try square tool then check the level with your leveler. Let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Keep note that if you start to apply your ganache on the sides with your board on top immediately it will move and once you finish your cake will not be leveled.





Step 10. Start adding your ganache on the sides until it is smooth.





Step 11. Get a large container with boiling water. Dip your scraper into the water to warm it up and go around your cake to smooth the sides. Once it is all smooth with no holes take it back to the fridge for 5 minutes.





Step 12. With a sharp knife cut the freezer film of the top board then remove the board and the remaining film off the cake.





Step 13. With soft ganache, fix any holes on the top with a small spatula and use a long scraper or a metal ruler to smooth it. You can run the try square tool around to remove any excess from the edges.







Step 14. You now ganached a double barrel cake. Now its time to learn how to cover your newly ganached cake with fondant. Learn how to achieve a sharp edge finish with our video tutorial here.





Happy Caking!

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